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  • Library card required Aula de padres Su amplia base de datos incorpora contenidos sobre el cuidado y la salud de los hijos. Get Spanish-language parenting and child care information.
  • Library card required Choose the best quality health, wellness and nutritional products, based on test results published by an independent laboratory.
  • Library card required DSM-5 The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, is the universally accepted diagnostic and coding resource for mental health symptoms and disorders.
  • Library card required Medicina y salud Medicina y Salud dispone de una amplia base de datos con más de 25,000 artículos y 53,000 gráficos e ilustraciones de medicina, enfermería y salud en español. Get Spanish-language health and medical information.
  • Library card required Natural Medicines Review evidence-based research and information about natural and alternative medicine, diets, exercise and nutrition. Includes a searchable database of medical conditions.
  • Library card required ProQuest Family Health For general health questions or in-depth research, here’s an easy-to-use database of more than 500 trustworthy medical journals and popular health magazines covering medicine, nutrition, lifestyle and more.