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January 21, 2018


Broadview Branch : Building Facts

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Broadview Branch

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Building Facts: Broadview Branch

Project description: Expand existing branch

  • Expand existing branch, which was built in 1975, by 6,595 square feet.
  • The expansion project has an updated collection capacity of 66,700 books and materials, a large new meeting room, more seating, new computers and electrical service, improved lighting, more energy-efficient windows, new shelves and more efficient circulation desk and staff areas.
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Quick facts

  • Project type: Expand existing branch
  • Completion date: 2007
  • Budget for capital costs: $7 million
  • Total library program area: 15,000 square feet (formerly 8,405 square feet)
  • Computers: 40 (formerly 11)
  • Artist: Theresa Batty
  • Art budget: $36,143
  • Library Board steward: Eric Liu
  • Architect: Miller Hayashi Architects
  • Contractor: Graham Contracting Ltd.
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  • December 2007: The expanded Broadview Branch of The Seattle Public Library reopened at noon Saturday, Dec. 8.
  • July 2006: Construction began on the branch expansion.
  • May 2006: The branch closed Saturday, May 27 to prepare for expansion.
  • December 2005: Patrons attended a public meeting to see images of the branch expansion and the Seattle Design Commission reviewed the design development phase of the project.
  • September 2005: The Seattle Public Library board of trustees selected Seattle artist Theresa Batty to design artwork for the expansion. Earlier in the month, the Seattle Design Commission reviewed the schematic design and residents attended a public meeting to see the first images of the expansion.
  • July 2005: The Seattle Design Commission received a scoping briefing and reviewed early design concepts for the branch expansion.
  • February 2005: Patrons attended a "hopes and dreams" meeting to share their ideas on design, services and programs, collections and artwork for the expanded branch.
  • November 2004: The Library Board selected Miller Hayashi Architects to design the branch expansion. Earlier in the month, residents met architect finalists at a public reception.
  • June 2004: Fourteen architects answered the Library's call for architects to design the branch expansion.
  • October 2001: The Library bought a residential site southeast of the branch from a willing seller for the expansion.
  • July 2001: The Library bought a residential site southwest of the branch from a willing seller for the expansion.
  • November 1998: Seattle voters approved the $196.4 million "Libraries for All" bond measure. The bond money, which could be used only for construction of libraries, funded a new central library and new and improved branches

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