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Exploring and Comparing Filipino and Latino Mythologies

La Sala and Pinoy Words Expressed present readings by three Latino/a and three Filipino/a poets. Roberto Ascalon, Jim Cantú, Lorna Dee Cervantez, Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs, Emily Lawsin and Sam Roderick Roxas-Chua read their poems and explore the use, comparison and implications of their respective mythologies in their creative work and the work of other writers representing their cultures.

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Kazuo Ishiguro reads from his much anticipated new novel, 'The Buried Giant'

In Arthurian England, the Romans have long since departed and Britain is steadily declining into ruin, but at least the wars that once ravaged the country have ceased.  Sometimes savage, often intensely moving, Ishiguro's first novel in a decade is about lost memories, love, revenge and war. 

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 31.2 MB]


Ellen Ziegler and Molly Tenenbaum discuss great ventriloquists

Ellen Ziegler and Molly Tenenbaum present poems, a slide presentation and video clips of great ventriloquists past and present.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 24.3 MB]


Paul Beatty reads from 'The Sellout'

Join Paul Constant for a conversation with novelist Paul Beatty about "The Sellout," a biting satire about a young man's isolated upbringing and the race trial that sends him to the Supreme Court.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 17.9 MB]


Elliot Ackerman reads from 'Green on Blue'

Elliot Ackerman, a decorated veteran of the Iraq and Afghan Wars, reads from his debut novel about a young Afghan orphan caught in the brutal realities of his war-torn country.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 21.6 MB]


Jeff Levy presents a seminar: Your Business - Start Smart

Are you thinking of going into business for yourself? Join entrepreneur and business coach Jeff Levy as he walks you through what it really takes to start and run a business.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 47.8 MB]


PechaKucha Seattle: Watch Me Now - Notes on a Surveillance Society

PechaKucha Seattle brings together speakers and experts from across the information ecosystem to discuss the complex issues surrounding privacy and surveillance in the digital world.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 37.5 MB]


Linea and Cinda Johnson discuss 'Perfect Chaos'

Mother-daughter team Linea and Cinda Johnson relate their journey with mental illness, and present their ideas for building hope and ending the stigma for those struggling with mental health conditions.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 24.9 MB]


Cured of HIV: A Community Q & A with Timothy Ray Brown & Gero Hütter

Join us for a Q & A session with Timothy Ray Brown, the first person cured of HIV, and Gero Hütter, the doctor who cured him.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 45.1 MB]


An Evening with Cowlitz tribe members Elissa Washuta and Christine Dupres

Elissa Washuta and Christine Dupres discuss their recent books about issues of identity and belonging: "My Body Is a Book of Rules" and "Being Cowlitz."

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 30.0 MB]


HIV Cure 101: Introduction to HIV Cure Research

Join us for this overview of the current state of research to cure HIV.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 59.9 MB]


Author Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Reads From 'Stealing the Game'

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar celebrates the release of the second installment of the "Streetball Crew" series of novels for young adults.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 14.5 MB]


Lynsey Addario discusses 'It’s What I Do: A Photographer’s Life of Love and War'

Lynsey Addario shows images and reads from her memoir about her experiences around the world, documenting and filing photographs in hostile areas with some of the best-known publications.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 26.6 MB]


From Script to Screen: Transforming Fiction into Film

Join us for a talk on the creative process of adaptation and film production in Seattle, using the example of Amazon Studios' locally filmed pilot of Philip K. Dick's novel "The Man in the High Castle."

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 33.2 MB]


Daniel Handler reads from 'We Are Pirates'

Daniel Handler reads from his eagerly awaited new novel for adult readers.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 28.1 MB]


Alexandra Fuller reads from 'Leaving Before the Rains Come'

Alexandra Fuller takes on the rise and fall of her marriage and addresses how her father shaped her view of the world in a new memoir, 'Leaving Before the Rains Come.'

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 24.1 MB]


Author Chris Farrell Reads from 'Unretirement'

In "Unretirement," Chris Farrell provides key insights about the growing unretirement movement and offers practical advice about how to navigate this exciting, but unsettled, frontier.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 23.2 MB]


A discussion about the exhibit 'TEXTure' at METHOD Gallery

Curator Mary Coss leads a discussion with artists and poets featured in the exhibit TEXTure at METHOD Gallery. The poets will read work that inspired the artwork as well as new poetry responding to the work.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 35.7 MB]


'Letters to the Editor: Celebrating 90 Years of Writing Our Community’s Story'

"Letters to the Editor: Celebrating 90 Years of Writing Our Community's Story," a theatrical production of news, opinion and advertisements culled from pages of The Jewish Transcript.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 30.3 MB]


Brandon Sanderson reads from 'Firefight'

Acclaimed fantasy author Brandon Sanderson will be reading from his new teen fantasy novel, 'Firefight', the second in 'The Reckoners' trilogy.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 29.0 MB]


Welcome to The Seattle Public Library Author Readings and Library Events Podcast

This is the first episode in our new Author Readings and Library Events podcast stream.

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