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Getting Started with Music

musicFreegal Music Collection

  • Music format: MP3 format
  • No software required
  • Download 5 songs per week
  • Music files never expire
  • Works with Windows PC and Mac Computer
  • Transfer to most devices
  • Includes Sony Music catalog with thousands of artists


Browse Freegal Music collectionopens in a new window





  • Streaming video and music
  • Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devicesopens in a new window
  • Stream up to 20 titles per month
  • Music albums expire in 1 week, video expires in 72 hours
  • Works with most browsers on PC or Mac
  • 300,000 albums
  • 6,000 videos and television shows
  • helpopens in a new window


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OverDrive Music Collection


Read this overview to get started:  


Windows PC instructions pdf

Music formats: WMA only; includes classical, children's, jazz and instrumental genres; does not work with Mac Computer

  1. Download the OverDrive Media Console to your computeropens in a new window
  2. In Internet Explorer, perform the Windows Media Player Security Upgrade opens in a new window
  3. Log into your library account
  4. Find an music you want and check it out
    (You may need to place a hold on popular items)
  5. Click on the Download button and choose the WMA format. The music will download to OverDrive Media Console
  6. Transfer to an approved device opens in a new window, by plugging your device into your computer via its USB cable and clicking on the Transfer button in the OverDrive Media Console

Note: You cannot return WMA music files early.



OverDrive - more details:

  • May require placing a hold  
  • Check out up to 25 items
  • Keep items for up to 3 weeks: can return early
  • No overdue fines


Browse the OverDrive collectionopens in a new window

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