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Getting Started with Music

musicFreegal Music Collection

  • Music format: MP3 format
  • No software required
  • Download 3 songs per week
  • Music files never expire
  • Works with Windows PC and Mac Computer
  • Transfer to most devices
  • Includes Sony Music catalog with thousands of artists


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  • Streaming video and music
  • Apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android devicesopens in a new window
  • Stream up to 20 titles per month
  • Music albums expire in 1 week, video expires in 72 hours
  • Works with most browsers on PC or Mac
  • 300,000 albums
  • 6,000 videos and television shows
  • helpopens in a new window


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OverDrive Music Collection


Read this overview to get started:  

Windows PC instructions pdf

  • Music Format: WMA
  • Software required: OverDrive Media Console opens in a new window
  • Includes classical, children's, jazz and instrumental genres
  • Can transfer to WMA-compatible devices
  • Does not work with Mac Computer
  • Compatible Devices (complete list)opens in a new window


OverDrive - more details:

  • May require placing a hold  
  • Check out up to 25 items
  • Keep items for up to 3 weeks: can return early
  • No overdue fines


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