• Hard Trail to Follow

    Hard Trail to Follow

    Kelton, Elmer

    Former Texas Ranger Andy "Badger Boy" Pickard leaves his fiancee's north central Texas farm to pursue Luther Cordell, the outlaw ringleader he believes responsible for the death of his friend, Sheriff Tom Blessing.

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  • Haunted Border

    Haunted Border

    Dearen, Patrick

    "In 1870, Jake Graves faced a choice: let Comanches carry off his sister, or shoot her. Unwilling to fire, he has been tortured for decades by the brutal end that he could have spared her. The incident bred in him a hatred for Indians that persists to this day in 1917 on an isolated ranch on the Texas-Mexico border. Now Jake learns that his daughter Dru wants to marry Apache foreman Nub DeJarnett. Even before Jake can process the news, Mexican bandits kidnap Dru and her cousin Ruthie. The bandit leader may be a tlehuelpuchi, a shape-shifting agent of evil...

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  • Another Kind of Eden

    Another Kind of Eden

    Burke, James Lee

    "New York Times bestselling author James Lee Burke brings readers a captivating tale of justice, love, brutality, and mysticism set in the turbulent 1960s. The American West in the early 1960s appears to be a pastoral paradise: golden wheat fields, mist-filled canyons, frolicking animals. Aspiring novelist Aaron Holland Broussard has observed it from the open door of a boxcar, riding the rails for both inspiration and odd jobs. Jumping off in Denver, he finds work on a farm and meets Joanne McDuffy, an articulate and fierce college student and gifted painter. Their soul connection is immediate, but their romance is...

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  • Hell for Breakfast

    Hell for Breakfast

    Johnstone, William W.

    His wicked ways mostly behind him, reformed bank robber Jimmy "Slash" Braddock is getting hitched to his sweetheart. But before the honeymoon, Chief U.S. Marshal Luther T. "Bleed-'Em-So" Bledsoe needs Slash and his former partner-in-crime, Melvin "Pecos Kid" Baker, to don a couple of deputy marshal badges and saddle up for a trip to Nebraska. Seems the town of Harveyville has fallen prey to a trio of murderous badmen blasting away up and down Main Street, and the local law needs some assistance from men who know how to handle a gun. But Slash and Pecos killed the wrong man....

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  • Founding Sheriff

    Founding Sheriff

    Massey, Edward

    Luke Simms is the founding sheriff of the newly formed Summit County in the Utah Territory. Sheriff Simms tracks Fisk Scales high into the mountains after he finds Scales's young wife murdered in her bed. He captures Scales, but makes the decision not to kill the man on the spot -- a decision that sets in motion years of struggle to create a tradition of justice where none existed before. But while capture comes swift, conviction takes longer. Life in a growing frontier town either demands swift reparation or unfolds its willingness to let the murderer avoid his fate, threatening...

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  • The Thousand Crimes of Ming Tsu

    The Thousand Crimes of Ming Tsu

    Lin, Tom

    Fighting his way across the West to rescue his wife and exact revenge on the men who destroyed him, while settling old scores along the way, Ming Tsu is aided by a blind clairvoyant and a troupe of magic-show performers, some with supernatural powers.

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  • Ridgeline


    Punke, Michael

    "In December 1866, tensions were rising in Wyoming, between the Native American tribes who had lived on the land for generations and the settlers who would destroy their home. Crazy Horse and his fellow Lakota hunters had been watching for months as Colonel Carrington and his army set up camp on one of the most crucial swaths of hunting ground in hundreds of miles, and began to build forts. More disconcertingly, the settlers had brought women and children, which meant they planned to stay. As the Lakota and neighboring tribes set forth with repeated attacks to discourage the settlers, Captain...

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  • Streets of Laredo

    Streets of Laredo

    McMurtry, Larry

    The final book of Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove tetralogy is an exhilarating tale of legend and heroism. Captain Woodrow Call, Augustus McCrae's old partner, is now a bounty hunter hired to track down a brutal young Mexican bandit. Riding with Call are an Eastern city slicker, a witless deputy, and one of the last members of the Hat Creek outfit, Pea Eye Parker, now married to Lorena--once Gus McCrae's sweetheart. Their long chase leads them across the last wild stretches of the West into a hellhole known as Crow Town and, finally, into the vast, relentless plains of the Texas...

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  • Strongheart


    Fergus, Jim

    "Strongheart is the final installment to the One Thousand White Women trilogy, a novel about fierce women who are full of heart and the power to survive. In 1873, a Cheyenne chief offers President Grant the opportunity to exchange one thousand horses for one thousand white women, in order to marry them with his warriors and create a lasting peace. These women, "recruited" by force in the penitentiaries and asylums of the country, gradually integrate the way of life of the Cheyenne, at the time when the great massacres of the tribes begin. After the battle of Little Big Horn,...

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  • Comanche Moon

    Comanche Moon

    McMurtry, Larry

    Two Texas Rangers fight Indians and bandits while trying to sort affairs with their women. One is Gus McCrae, a hard-drinking womanizer jilted by his love, the other is sober Woodrow Call, father of a boy by a prostitute.

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