• How to Love the World

    How to Love the World

    Crews, James (EDT)/ Gay, Ross (FRW)

    "How to Love the World invites readers to use poetry as part of their daily gratitude practice to uncover the simple gifts of abundance and joy to be found everywhere"--

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  • This Is Not A Gun

    This Is Not A Gun

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  • Skin


    Vander Molen, Robert

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  • Jim Harrison

    Jim Harrison

    Harrison, Jim

    "This tour de force contains every poem Harrison published over his fifty-year career, as well as a section of unpublished "Last Poems." Here are the nature-based lyrics of his early work, the high-velocity ghazals, a harrowing prose-poem "correspondence"with a Russian suicide, the riverine suites, fearless meditations inspired by the Zen monk Crazy Cloud, and a buoyant conversation in haiku-like gems with friend and fellow poet Ted Kooser"--

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  • Awake in the River and Shedding Silence

    Awake in the River and Shedding Silence

    Mirikitani, Janice

    "Fierce, raw, and unapologetic, Janice Mirikitani's poetry and prose are as vibrant and resonant today as when these two collections were first published in 1978 and 1987. Now back in print in one volume, Awake in the River and Shedding Silence epitomizesMirikitani's singular voice-one that is brash, sexual, politically outspoken, and unconcerned with pandering to mainstream audiences. An influential artist and activist, Mirikitani has advanced the causes of women of color feminisms, global anti-imperialism, and Afro-Asian solidarity for more than fifty years. Her writings confront sexualized violence, anti-Asian racism, the intergenerational trauma of incarceration, the dangers of passivity, and internalized...

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  • Dear Specimen

    Dear Specimen

    Herbert, W. J.

    "In poems written for the daughter she will leave behind, the dying speaker of "Dear Specimen" examines grief, culpability, and love, asking: what value can we ascribe to our lives and do we as a species deserve to survive?"--

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  • Borderline Fortune

    Borderline Fortune

    Miller, Teresa K.

    "A collection of short untitled poems in two parts that explore personal and collective inherited traumas, from a poet who "[refuses] the mind's limits" (Carol Muske-Dukes) Borderline Fortune is a meditation on intangible family inheritance--of unresolvedintergenerational conflicts and traumas in particular--set against the backdrop of our planetary inheritance as a species. As native species go extinct and glaciers melt, Teresa K. Miller asks what we owe one another and what it means to echo one's ancestors' grief and fear. Drawing on her own family history, from her great-grandfather's experience as a schoolteacher on an island in the Bering Strait to...

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  • The Collection Plate

    The Collection Plate

    Allen, Kendra

    "Looping exultantly through the overlapping experiences of girlhood, Blackness, sex, and personhood in America, award-winning essayist and poet Kendra Allen braids together personal narrative and cultural commentary, wrestling with the beauty and brutality to be found between mothers and daughters, young women and the world, Black bodies and white space, virginity and intrusion, prison and freedom, birth and death. Most of all, The Collection Plate explores both how we collect and erase the voices, lives,and innocence of underrepresented bodies--and behold their pleasure, pain, and possibility"--

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  • Superdoom


    Broder, Melissa

    "Superdoom: Selected Poems brings together the best of Broder's three cult out-of-print poetry collections-When You Say One Thing but Mean Your Mother, Meat Heart, and Scarecrone-as well as her fourth collection, Last Sext. Embracing the sacred and the profane, often simultaneously, Broder gazes into the abyss and at the human body, but with both humor and heartbreak, lust and terror. Broder's language is entirely her own, marked both by brutal strangeness and raw intimacy. At turns essayistic and surreal, bouncing between the grotesque and the transcendent, Superdoom is a must-have for long-time fans and the perfect introduction to one of...

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  • If the Tabloids Are True What Are You?

    If the Tabloids Are True What Are You?

    Harvey, Matthea

    A combination of poems and visual artwork includes such characters as unusual mermaids, the Michelin Man possessed by William Shakespeare, and a woman who lives in a house made of people.

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