• Aimée and Jaguar

    Aimée and Jaguar

    Based on a true story, this moving drama set in World War II Germany explores the unlikely relationship between Lilly Wust, aka Aimée, a Jewish woman, and Felice Schragenheim, aka Jaguar, the wife of a philandering Nazi officer.

    Format: -

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  • The birthday

    The birthday

    This beautifully made short film (15 minutes in length) from director Daniela Lucato depicts the tender friendship between two young Taiwanese women, one of whom is in love with the other.

    Format: Streaming Video - 2015 Chinese

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  • Born in Flames

    Born in Flames

    Originally released in 1983, this feminist and queer cult classic still feels timely today. Set in an alternative United States, Born in Flames follows the rise of a diverse women-led rebellion after one of their leaders is mysteriously killed.

    Format: Streaming Video - 2014

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  • Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin

    Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin

    Learn about the life of activist Bayard Rustin, an advisor to Martin Luther King, Jr. and key figure in the 1960s civil rights movement who was ostracized because of his open homosexuality, in this well-researched and absorbing documentary.

    Format: Streaming Video - 2015

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  • Coby


    Filmed by his French half-brother, this poignant and intimate documentary follows Jacob Hunt through his gender transition and explores the impact on his family, community and loved ones.

    Format: Streaming Video - 2017

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  • The Cockettes

    The Cockettes

    The Cockettes were an avant-garde, psychedelic theater group that sprang from the hippie subculture of 1960s San Francisco. This fascinating documentary illuminates their little-known history and explores their lasting influence on queer culture.

    Format: Streaming Video - 2002

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  • Chutney Popcorn

    Chutney Popcorn

    In this groundbreaking comedy-drama, director/actor Nisha Ganatra stars as Reena, an Indian American lesbian whose relationship with her girlfriend Lisa is threatened when she agrees to become a surrogate for her infertile sister Sarita.

    Format: Streaming Video - 2000

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  • The Feels

    The Feels

    Starring Constance Wu (Crazy Rich Asians), this light-hearted romantic comedy takes places at a lesbian bachelorette party where one of the brides-to-be drunkenly reveals she's never had an orgasm.

    Format: Streaming Video - 2018

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  • Gaysians


    Queer Taiwanese American director Vicky Du presents the stories of five queer and trans Asian Americans living in New York City in this intimate and illuminating documentary.

    Format: Streaming Video - 2017

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  • Gendernauts


    Originally released in 1999, this early documentary from lesbian director Monika Treut about trans and genderqueer folks in San Francisco features interviews with Susan Stryker and Max Wolf Valerio.

    Format: Streaming Video - 2016

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