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November 27, 2015

Library Equal Access Program (LEAP)

Library Equal Access Program (LEAP) : Adaptive Equipment

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Adaptive Equipment at the Library

What types of adaptive equipment can I find at the Library?

People with sight, hearing or mobility impairments may use the following:


At all Library locations

XP Magnifier software on all computers. To use:

  • Select the "Magnify" icon at the top of the Web browser.
  • Or, select "Screen Magnification" from the main Library Online menu.
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The Internet Explorer browser also has a zoom feature that can be used by pressing CTRL and either + or -, or by pressing CTRL and scrolling the mouse wheel.


At the Columbia Branch Library

For blind and people with low vision:

  • Computers with 19- to 21-inch monitors.
  • Computer with MAGic and ZoomText screen enlargement software, which enlarges computer text and photographs.
  • Computer with JAWS Screen Reader, which reads text on the screen out loud.
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At the Central Library

For people with low vision:

  • Portable hand-held or desktop magnifiers with built-in lights for people with low vision are available for use in the Outreach Lab on Level 1, as well as Level 5.
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For people with mobility issues:
The Central Library has several computers for people who use wheelchairs, walkers or scooters.

  • Three computers on Level 5.
  • One computer on Level 1, Spiral 6, Spiral 7, Spiral 8 and Spiral 9.
  • All ADA-accessible computers are equipped with a trackball to make it easier to use a mouse. Patrons who would like to use a trackball on a non-ADA computer may borrow one, with proper identification, from Library staff on Level 5.
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For the deaf and hard of hearing:

  • Public Teletypewriters (TTYs). Public pay telephones on Level 1 and Level 3 of the Central Library are equipped with TTYs.
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For people with service animals:

  • The Central Library has identified a number of computers on Level 5 for people with service animals. Please ask a staff member for help.
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At the Outreach Lab, Level 1, Central Library

For blind and low-vision patrons:

  • Six computers with 19- to 21-inch monitors. You may use one of these computers for 90 minutes each day.
  • ZoomText screen magnifier software. Enlarges computer text and photographs, and can read text out loud.
  • JAWS screen reader. Reads text on the computer screen out loud.
  • Kurzweil 1000 Reading System and attached Epson scanner. This software program is installed on one LEAP computer. You can scan a book, newspaper, or other text document. The text appears on the computer screen and is read out loud. You may use this computer for 90 minutes each day.
  • PowerBraille/65 Character Refreshable braille displays. Converts the content on a computer into braille and displays the braille on a refreshable board.
  • Duxbury Braille Translator program. Translates a Microsoft Word document into braille and vice versa.
  • Index Basic-D V4 braille embosser. Embosses a braille document onto paper, with a single-sided or double-sided option.
  • Trackball mouses. Help patrons with limited mobility to use a mouse.
  • Two Merlin Closed-Circuit Television magnifiers (CCTVs). Enlarge anything placed under the camera, including books, letters and photographs. You may use this equipment for three hours each day.
  • Kurzweil Reading Edge. A stand-alone system that is not attached to a computer screen. You can scan a book, newspaper or other text document. The system reads the text out loud. You may use this equipment for three hours each day.
  • Digital talking players. Allows you to listen to digital books provided by The Seattle Public Library and the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library.
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For the deaf and hard of hearing:

  • Sorenson ntouch videophone. Allows you to place calls in sign language, either calling another video phone directly or placing a call through a Video Relay Service. You may use this equipment for one hour each day.
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Using Adaptive Equipment at the Central Library

To use the LEAP adaptive technology in the Level 1 Outreach Lab:

  • You must show your Seattle Public Library card. Out-of-area guests can get a guest pass by showing proper ID at nearby Literacy/ESL/World Languages desk on Level 1.
  • You may reserve equipment in person at the nearby Level 1 Literacy/ESL/World Languages desk, or call LEAP at 206-615-1380.
  • The Outreach Lab is open the same hours as the Central Library.
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