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Computer Classes

Computer Basics 1

Want to begin using a computer? Need practice using a mouse and keyboard? This class introduces first-time computer users to common computer terms and features.

Computer Basics 2

Learn the most common Microsoft Windows features, including toolbars, the scroll bar, and text boxes. This class includes a brief introduction to Word and Internet Explorer. Prerequisites: Computer Basics 1 or the ability to use a mouse.


Learn how to sign up for a free email account. We also will teach you basic email terms and how to read and send email. Prerequisites: Internet Basics 1 or the ability to use the Internet.

Internet Basics

This class will introduce you to the Internet and explain the basic elements of a Web page. Learn about Web browsers and how to use links, the forward and back buttons, and how to find Web pages. The class includes an introduction to search engines and Web directories. Prerequisites: Computer Basics 2 or familiarity with Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft Excel 2013 Basics

Learn how to build an Excel worksheet from beginning to end, discover the easiest ways to enter data, change data, format your worksheets, save and print them.

Microsoft Excel 2013 Intermediate

Get 30 tips in 30 minutes, then move into Sort, Filter, SubTotals, Pivot Tables and useful functions for formulas. Prerequisites: Microsoft Excel 2013 Basics or previous experience with Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Word 2013 Basics

Polish your word processing skills and learn to navigate Word's options, use basic functions and features, and how to create letters and simple documents.

Microsoft Word 2013 Intermediate

Work faster with automation tools in Microsoft Word. Learn tips and tricks; plus Styles, Tables, Mail Merge and how to handle graphics in a text page. Prerequisites: Microsoft Word 2013 Basics or previous experience with Microsoft Word.

Web 2.0 Basics

Learn about blogs, wikis, Facebook and more. Prerequisites: Internet Basics 1 or the ability to use the Internet.



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