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December 9, 2016

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Library Use Policies : Fees for Convenience Services

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Delayed opening at Library branches

Due to the weather, all Library branches will open at noon today. Central Library will open today at regular time - 10 a.m.

OverDrive ebook issues

Some patrons report seeing incorrect ebook holds and checkouts. Please log out and back in to clear. If you are consistently seeing incorrect ebook entries please report to Ask a Librarian. We are working with OverDrive to resolve this issue.

The Library's Website may experience brief outages

On Sunday, Dec. 11, from 4 a.m. to noon, the Library's website may experience brief intermittent outages due to scheduled server maintenance.



The Seattle Public Library is committed to providing free basic library services for its patrons but charges a small fee for convenience services including printing, photocopying and faxing. The Library offers these services as a convenience to patrons and to provide a resource for those who may otherwise lack access to these services.                                                                



The Library charges a fee for services, including printing, photocopying and faxing. This practice conserves resources, defrays the financial costs associated with these services and ensures increased access for Library patrons. Fees are reviewed on an annual basis.

This policy supports the Library's efforts to be good stewards of its resources. The Library does not charge for basic library services including, but not limited to, circulation and loaning of materials, reference and information assistance and programming.



This policy applies to all convenience services available to the public at the Central Library and all branch library facilities. Discretionary guidelines guide staff in making exceptions to this policy in a uniform, unbiased and non-discriminatory manner.



Board Policy, Free Use of Library Services.

Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 27.12.270, Rules and regulations - Free use of libraries.



Supersedes Fees for Printing, Photocopying and Faxing adopted Aug. 22, 2000 and last revised Aug. 19, 2003.


DATE ADOTPED:  Oct. 28, 2015


Fees for Printing, Photocopying and Faxing last revised Aug. 19, 2003.