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Meeting Room FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

To learn about the Library's meeting room reservation system, you can watch a brief Spaces tutorial.


What equipment and services does the Library provide?
Most meeting rooms have tables, chairs, and whiteboards available for public use. Except in special circumstances negotiated with the managers, the Library is unable to provide any other equipment or A/V services to meeting room users. 


How is the layout of space for my event decided?
Branch staff members are not able to assist with room set-ups. An applicant is responsible for returning the room to its original set-up if it is altered. Library exhibits, furniture, and equipment, other than meeting room chairs and tables provided for public meeting use, may not be moved without permission of the manager.


Where do meeting room participants enter the Library?

Generally, meeting room participants enter through the building's main entrance. All meetings must take place during normal open hours. However, depending on the branch, the entrance may be at a different location than the main entrance. This will be discussed prior to the event.


May I give out a telephone number for receiving messages during my meeting or for information regarding the event?
No.  The Library cannot accept messages for a meeting. The Library phone numbers can not be used in publicity materials or as contact numbers for information about events. The Library requests that all event materials, and other information, include a contact number for the sponsoring organization.


What are the Library's rules on signage and decorations? 
All banners, signs and display materials used in connection with an event or meeting must be approved by the manager or designee and placed only in designated areas. All signage and decorations must meet the city of Seattle's safety and fire standards. Materials may not be affixed to any surface, (e.g. walls, windows, floors, furnitue or fixtues) at branches without approval by the manager. No signs or other materials may be posted outside of the branch meeting room without explicit permission of the manager or, in a few cases, where specific space is designated for that purpose.


What are the Library's rules about promotional materials?

Event materials may not list The Seattle Public Library as a sponsor of an event or meeting unless previously agreed to by the city librarian or designee. If the Library is not a sponsor, all promotional materials must include the following words: "This event is not sponsored by The Seattle Public Library." Please use the branch name and street address as the location. A line stating " The Seattle Public Library" is allowed on your event materials. Printed material, including direct mail invitations, must include the return address of the sponsoring organization. Do not issue any event materials until The Seattle Public Library Application for Branch Meeting Room Use has been signed and approved. Promotional materials, including press release, fliers posters, online announcement via websites, blogs, social media, etc., may not include information intended to promote commercial businesses or services.


Do I need to notify the Library about coverage by the press?
Yes. The Library's communications director will help applicants identify on-site press needs; however, the work of the Library may not be disrupted. Press conferences or special needs, such as cable TV coverage, must be approved.  Accommodations for the press may entail costs. The phone number for the Communications Office is: 206-386-4103.


Most branch libraries have free designated parking areas that are available on a first-come, first-served basis.



  • Library staff and any member of the public wishing to attend your event may enter a meeting at any time
  • Animals (with the exception of service animals) may not be brought onto Library premises or grounds unless part of a Library-sponsored program.
  • No activity that generates smoke or flame is permitted.
  • The Library is not responsible for items or equipment left in the building before, during or after an event.
  • The Library reserves the right to take photographs of events for its own records and for future promotional materials.
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