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Art at the Wallingford Branch

Wallingford Branch Art Gallery

The Seattle Public Library board of trustees selected Ellensburg artist Richard Elliott to design artwork for the Wallingford Branch.


Elliot designed and fabricated five colorful neon signs that symbolize activities that take place inside a library. The signs are:


  • A blue world from the logo of The Seattle Public Library;
  • A red mystic eye to represent mystery;
  • A white "at" symbol to represent computer access;
  • A green puzzle piece to symbolize family gathering and accumulation of knowledge;
  • A yellow atom symbol to represent human knowledge.


Artist Richard Elliot discussing the work with Wallingford branch manager Joan Johnson
The neon art The neon art
The Wallingford Branch with the neon art in the windows

Wallingford Library - a Visual History

Wallingford Library - a Visual History

Inspiration for this evolutionary portrayal of the Wallingford Library came from my thoughts on the history of photography - from Sepia, to black and white and finally color. Each acquired photograph was an image in time. Starting on the mural left is the 1949 Wilmot Memorial Library in a donated house at 4422 Meridian Avenue N. Outgrowing its space and with a new name, the Wallingford Wilmot Library, was moved in 1989 to 1629 N. 45th Street in what was known in early days (1914) as the Wallingford Fire Station. On the mural right, is the Wallingford Library's present location at 1501 45th Ave leased from the Solid Ground Building.

The Wallingford Library Mural was created by the generous work of graphic designers Cheryl Tsuhako and Brandon Mac Innis using photographic resources from the Museum of History and Industry, The Seattle Public Library archives, and community member Jan Muth. The mural was conceived by library staff member Christine Burgoyne and implemented through the support of Cat Saunders (project editor), Wallyhood blog, and donations from the Wallingford Community.

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Wallingford Branch
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