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Donors to the Montlake Branch: Named Spaces

The Seattle Public Library Foundation has received thousands of generous contributions to the "Campaign for Seattle's Public Libraries." In recognition of their gifts of $50,000 and above, we are pleased to honor the following supporters with named physical spaces in the Montlake Branch of The Seattle Public Library.

Don G. and Jane Markham Abel Meeting Room


Luke and Annalee Pigott Children's Area


Betty Bennett Simpson Reading Area

Betty Simpson was born in 1919 in Ohio, but she spent most of her growing-up years in Oak Park, Ill., where she met and married her husband, Francis M. Simpson. Betty Simpson worked with psychologically disturbed adults and children and then later as a teacher during her early married life. Due to her husband's work with a large company, she moved the family of four children a total of 29 times. An avid reader, she often says that were it not for reading and libraries, she doesn't know how she would have made it through all those years of moving.

When Betty Simpson learned that her family was naming a room at the Montlake Branch near her home in her honor, she responded that she hadn't done anything important enough to deserve it. However, her family understands better than she, that raising four children who all went to college and have productive, good lives is an accomplishment worth honoring. Her family appreciates all that she has given to them, including a love for reading and libraries.

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