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October 6, 2015


Mobile Library Services : Eligibility Criteria

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Mobile Library Services

Eligibility Criteria for Participation in Mobile Programs

To request service, please contact 206-386-4636 or email Ask a Librarian. Please note: there is currently a waiting list for services to preschools and childcare centers and some services to adult group residential homes. Thank you for your patience.



Children's services


Preschool or childcare centers:

Mobile Library Services serves preschools and childcare centers that:

  1. Are within the Seattle city limits
  2. Have at least 20 children enrolled
  3. Are full-day and open year-round or are a free program for low income families
  4. Are not within easy walking distance to a public library location (5 blocks, no major obstacles)
  5. Are either: a free program for low income families OR accept one or more of the following subsidies or funding sources that assist low-income families:
  • Head Start
  • Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP)
  • Working Connections Child Care (DSHS)
  • Seattle Step Ahead Preschools
  • City of Seattle Child Care Assistance Program
  • Seattle Preschool Program


We offer two types of monthly service:

  1. The big walk-on bookmobile visits the childcare center and teachers and children come aboard and check out library materials OR
  2. We deliver a one-box (35 items) or two-box (70 items) deposit collection of materials we select based on the center's requests, preferences and themes for the month.



Adult Services:


Home Service

Library Home Service is available to Seattle residents who are physically unable to visit a branch library, by reason of disability or infirmity, for a period of six months or longer. Physical disability must be certified by a medical professional. A Certification of Eligibility of homebound status is not required from persons over 70. All others must complete and return a form that verifies their qualifying circumstances. SPL Home Service delivers library materials once a month, either by mail or delivery.


Residential Facilities

The Library provides monthly delivery of Library materials to retirement homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and adult family homes when a significant number of residents in that facility are unable to use regular branch library services due to age or physical or mental disability. Participating facilities must demonstrate interest in participation in the program on the part of residents and complete an application form. In order for Library staff to be able to bring materials for residents to browse into the facility, these facilities must provide:


  1. Convenient access that would allow staff to bring wheeled carts into the building, and parking for a 20 ft. Library van.
  2. A central lobby or activity room large enough to accommodate the Library’s mobile browsing units as well as library staff and residents, including tables to place materials.

To contact the Library about Mobile Services, call 206-386-4636.