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Story'hood: Design your own mobile game

story 'hood

Story’hood is a series of workshops to design a location based game with a story about your neighborhood and its community. In a Story’Hood game, the player moves around to complete the game and learn about each location.

Story’Hood is about game design using the Taleblazer platform, working together to learn how to program a location based game (think Pokemon Go), playtesting and making changes until the game is ready for release. Designers invite the community to celebrate the release of the game at the end of each Story’Hood program.

Here are some games that were created at The Seattle Public Library's Story'hood workshops:


Start playing Taleblazer games by downloading the app. Go to The Seattle Public Library page in Taleblazer and play the featured games.


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Want to work with kids to create a Story'hood game? We can help you with our materials and curriculum.


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