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Listen to teen author readings and Library events recorded from 2007 to 2009 by subscribing to the Library's Teens podcast or by downloading one of the audio programs listed below.


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MPAA Movie Ratings, November 2

Are MPAA movie ratings accurate or fair? Is violence preferenced over sex when it comes to ratings? Listen as the Teen Center Advisors discuss.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 5.9 MB]


After School Activities, November 2

The Teen Center Advisors talk about their after school activities. How much is too much?

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 3 MB]


Harry Potter on Trial, October 5

Are the Harry Potter books suitable for a young audience? Are they too vulgar for a school library? Join the Teen Center Advisors for the debate.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 6.5 MB]


Scott Westerfeld, October 7

Scott Westerfeld reads from the final book in the Leviathan series, "Goliath," and celebrates the awesomeness of Steampunk.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 29 MB]


Harry and the Potters, June 24

Imagine if Harry Potter quit the Quidditch team and started a punk rock band. Brothers Paul and Joe DeGeorge bring their wizard brand of rock and roll to the Library.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 29.5 MB]


Writers in the Schools part 2, June 2

Join us for incredible performances as Seattle Public Schools students read their own creative writing. June 2 will feature high school students.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 36 MB]


Writers in the Schools part 1, June 1

Join us for incredible performances as Seattle Public Schools students read their own creative writing. June 1 will feature elementary and middle school students.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 36 MB]


Should Violent Video Games Be Sold to Minors?

In this week's podcast, the Teen Center Advisers are very divided over the issue of a recent Supreme Court case that considers a California law that would ban the sale of violent video games to minors.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 5 MB]


'Technology and Tweens: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly'

Margit Crane, Teen and Family Coach, highlights the ways that social media sites and technology are misdirecting tween girls -- and what families can do about it. This program recorded on Oct. 28, 2010 at The Seattle Public Library is for tween girls, their parents and anyone who works with them.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 27 MB]


The Ideal Library Teen Space

In this week's podcast, the Teen Center Advisers debate what the perfect library teen space would look like. Would it serve coffee? Show movies? Would adults be allowed? Tune in to find out.

Download Audio (mp3) [file size: 8 MB]


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