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Haiku Hullabaloo

Haiku Hullaballoo

Children, teens and adults were invited to celebrate National Poetry Month in April by entering The Seattle Public Library's second annual haiku contest.


Here are the winning entries:


The mountain is out!
Bus riders glance up, grin, and
turn back to their books.


Down to the market
Early morning streets are clean
Ferry arriving


- Rebecca Albiani
Green Lake Branch


-Stacey Jones
Madrona - Sally Goldmark Branch

My latte: black coats
'neath Spring blossoms swirl Pike's crowds
stir, Seattle, sip


Let's go eat cupcakes
While discussing NPR
With naked cyclists


-Wendy Brabner
Magnolia Branch


- Ray Misra
Central Library

Mount Rainier's white peak
the soft breeze hitting your face
Long indigo nights


Raining hard tonight
Hot chocolate by the fire
Will it turn to snow?


- Gautham Anant
Age: 10
Laurelhurst Elementary
Northeast Branch


- Lucy Mougin
Age: 12
French American School of Puget Sound
Madrona - Sally Goldmark Branch

Then, forests, ferns, mist--
Now, steel and glass reaching up--
Someday, the Big One.


By Burke Gilman Trail,
Two plum-red shapes on bare branch -
Lost mittens waiting.


- Jean Datta
Central Library


- Mary Montgomery
Northeast Branch

light rain falls through gray
mountains cradle our buildings
green springs from the damp


his coffee order
with extra instruction
I cross both my arms


- Nathan Fihn
Northeast Branch


- Michelle Shaefer Greenwood Branch

And again it rains
I walk Seattle streets
Nobody in sight


The Wonderous Wheel
All Colors Seem To Bounce Off
I Watch, Astounded


- Claire Boudour
Age: 13
Washington Middle School
West Seattle Branch


- Ella Skoglund
Age: 10
John Hay Elementary
Queen Anne Branch

the retired men
sitting beside Green Lake -
talking plumbing


The "Alki" is now
Tenas chuck's canoes grew wings
This chief named place sings!


- Rick Clark
Wallingford Branch


- Shawn Summers
Central Library

Christmas ship at night
Sparkling tiny lights
Grand daughter's delight


Lenin, Rocket, Troll
Public art in the center
of the universe.


- Joy Conrad-Rice
Montlake Branch


- Dana Twight
Montlake Branch

Espresso in hand
wet umbrellas line the street
twelfth man cheers echo


All freedom colors
Flying fish and raindrop dew
A brave expression


- Hayden Hunskor
Age: 12
Hamilton International Middle School
Wallingford Branch


- Brooke Fowler
Age: 16
The Bush School
Magnolia Branch

Circle of clouds
Forms necklace for Space Needle
Pine trees all stand guard


My city is a
choose your own adventure book,
loved and coffee-stained


- Susan Gemson
Lake City Branch


- Jessica Towns
Ballard Branch

Isn't it about
time to change the state bird from
goldfinch to SEAHAWK?!!


long line in the rain
SIFF ticket and soy latte
Cinerama bliss


- Bruce Greeley
Broadview Branch


- Trillian Turner
Lake City Branch

Mountains meet the sea
Nature is all around me
Seattle, my home


Super Bowl Sunday,
Russell Wilson threw the ball,
Touchdown, Seattle


- Marley Meyer
Age: 8
Lincoln Elementary
Ballard Branch


- Caleb Smith
Age: 9
The Meridian School
University Branch

Rain-washed, glistening.
Nestled betwixt mountains, fjords.
Emerald haven


Breezy, blustery
the kind of day seagulls love.
Me, turning pages


- Gregory Johnson
Northeast Branch


- Paula Burke
Broadview Branch

No umbrellas
Some hide from the rain
We raise our heads to the sky


flapping 12th-man flag
threaded through the Space Needle
sews up victory


- Adrienne Jones
Ballard Branch


- Candace Tkachuck Central Library

Moody sky sulks.
Clouds impose tentatively.
Arise to pale grey.


At Dick's Restaurant
Sipping chocolate milkshakes
Very very good


- Emma Cooper
Age: 14
Washington Middle School
Montlake Branch


- Zac Wise
Age: 8
McDonald International School
Greenwood Branch