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December 9, 2016

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Mission Statement : Goal 5

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OverDrive ebook issues

Some patrons report seeing incorrect ebook holds and checkouts. Please log out and back in to clear. If you are consistently seeing incorrect ebook entries please report to Ask a Librarian. We are working with OverDrive to resolve this issue.

The Library's Website may experience brief outages

On Sunday, Dec. 11, from 4 a.m. to noon, the Library's website may experience brief intermittent outages due to scheduled server maintenance.

Goal 5: Foster an Organizational Culture of Innovation



Build Library staff and institutional capacity to innovate


Integrate Library collections, services and programs through collaboration and teamwork across work groups


Actively experiment to better serve patrons, implementing successful pilot projects more widely over time


Train all staff to be effective promoters of Library resources and services


Create a tech-savvy environment where all staff keep pace with advances in the world of information services


Use rigorous analysis to provide a positive user experience


Upgrade tools for collecting, analyzing and sharing patron statistics, customer feedback, demographic and market research to inform decision-making


Establish effective channels for staff and the public to communicate experiences and insights about ways to improve service


Develop staff expertise to identify and track major Seattle lifestyle trends so the Library can best align resources with evolving community needs and interests


Manage change with flexibility


Adapt or pioneer service models that revolutionize the way the Library serves its patrons


Assess service strategies and staffing models regularly to ensure the Library is using public dollars wisely to meet the needs of the community


Communicate and celebrate progress


Provide regular updates of progress in implementing this plan to the Library board of trustees, civic leaders and the public


Celebrate accomplishments with staff and community members


Summary of Goals and Objectives

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