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All Library locations closed Wednesday, March 29

All locations of The Seattle Public Library and the book drops at Central Library will be closed Wednesday, March 29 for a staff in-service day. Regular operating hours will resume Thursday, March 30.

Goal 4: Build Partnerships to Make a Difference in People’s Lives



Deploy a systematic approach to partnering that best leverages Library and partner resources


Develop a partnership plan to build thoughtful ties and provide exciting new services to Library patrons


Identify and replicate successful partnerships so more patrons benefit from these collaborations


Actively seek opportunities to support the work of city agencies, service providers and cultural groups and customize information for their use


Create alliances with government agencies and community groups to benefit Seattle residents


Collaborate with partners to provide high-demand public services such as weatherization vouchers, tax help, or health care policy information at libraries


Become the first choice location for neighborhood meetings


Be a catalyst for civic improvement by convening brainstorming sessions with groups that share the Library's interest in enhancing social welfare and cultural engagement


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