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Mission Statement : Goal 2

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Goal 2: Expand Seattle’s Access to Information, Ideas and Stories



Lead the nation in providing access to digital material


Build a comprehensive digital collection that is among the best in the country


Negotiate with e-publishers to make popular digital material easily available to patrons


Take a leadership role in determining the best way for libraries to preserve collections in older formats


Develop relevant and inspiring collections that meet Seattle's evolving needs and expectations


Find new and better ways to hear what the public wants in the collection


Create and collect original, non-published local interest material such as podcasts of community events and oral histories


Drive new models for improving information access and delivery


Implement state-of-the-art improvements for a user-friendly website and catalog


Re-invent the ways the Library connects information seekers with librarians and resources


Provide full access to Library materials for people with disabilities


Pilot new ways to showcase, organize and deliver collections drawing on customer feedback and best practices


Deliver innovative services such as print-on-demand stations or automated book dispensing machines in targeted locations


Summary of Goals and Objectives

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