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Mission Statement : Strategic Direction Institutional Performance

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Strategic Direction: Institutional Performance

Institutional Performance: Build the internal infrastructure necessary for the Library's institutional success. This work will provide us the tools and resources needed to make better decisions and more nimbly respond to community concerns. We will focus on the following five business model areas:

  • Workforce Capacity and Development: Determining the future work of libraries and using that information to provide the training staff will need, and recruiting employees for new areas of work where additional support is required.
  • Data and Metrics: Improving our data systems to better collect data and use statistics to make informed decisions about what the Library should or should not do.
  • Long Term Sustainability: Ensuring the Library has the financial resources to support its current work and future growth.
  • Race and Social Justice: Ensuring our staffing, work and services are designed to eliminate barriers to access, provide public and staff opportunities for growth, and develop and support equitable access to the programs and services we offer.
  • Strategic Communications: Marketing and promoting strategically the Library's programs and services to ensure awareness and use of the Library, and to support the role and value of the Library to our community.