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December 18, 2014

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Library Use Policies : Materials and Donations

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Library closed Dec. 24 and 25

All locations of The Seattle Public Library and the book drops at the Central Library will be closed on Christmas Eve, Wednesday, Dec. 24 and Christmas Day Thursday, Dec. 25.

Materials and Donations


The Library welcomes donations of books and other materials and accepts monetary contributions toward the purchase of materials. The Library reserves the right to decide the disposition of all gifts received. Gifts accepted for addition to the Library's collection become the property of The Seattle Public Library and will be placed where most appropriate. Material not utilized in the Library's collection will be transferred to the Friends of The Seattle Public Library, a non-profit organization, for use in their semi-annual book sales. The proceeds from the Friends of the Library book sales are donated to the Library in support of our mission, programs, and to enhance the Library's collections.

DATE ADOPTED: September 26, 2000