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Why work at the Library?

In a public library, you are at the center of knowledge in the one institution where people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs come together to explore their interests. Being there at that moment of curiosity, and helping to create those sparks of connection make working in a library one of the most interesting and satisfying jobs in the world.





At the Reference Desk, librarians work as generalists, and may have subject or language expertise as well. Behind the scenes, technical librarians catalog and select books and other materials. Many of our staff members are fluent in languages other than English, and this language and cultural fluency is vital in serving our diverse patrons.


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But I am not a Librarian


Neither are approximately 450 other individuals who work in the Library.


  • Public Services - Help patrons, research their questions and shelve materials.
  • Technical Services - Process materials and help those who catalog materials.
  • Information Technology - Design, implement and oversee data processing infrastructure.
  • Administrative professional - Oversee resources and communicate the Library's mission and goals.
  • Administrative support - Support programs and staff.
  • Facilities and grounds personnel - Maintain Library buildings.
  • Drivers - Transport books.
  • Materials handling - Operate machinery to process and sort materials.
  • Security and safety officers - Keep patrons and staff free from harm.


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Who will I work with?


Our staff members are a diverse group who speak more than 30 languages and have varied backgrounds. Some are as young as 16 and others have more than 30 years of service at our Library. We are friendly, engaging and community-oriented. We believe that our staff should reflect our community.



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Visit our Library and our Web site often. Enjoy our branches and the Central Library. And, when we have a vacancy that looks right for you, apply for a job. We need your interests, your ideas, your capacity for creativity and fun. We need your skills.


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