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Library Careers : 10 Tips to Help You Get a Library Job

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10 Tips to Help You Get a Library Job

Here are 10 ways you can improve your chances of landing a job at The Seattle Public Library:


Study the job posting before you fill out your application. Note the closing date and the minimum requirements. Demonstrate in your application how you're qualified for the position. Learn as much about the Library as you can: study our website, visit our various locations and ask a librarian!


Give details of work you've done. List duties and responsibilities. Job titles don't make your expertise clear.


Fill out the application completely. Make sure you have everything you'll need to know with you: dates of previous employment, phone numbers, addresses and names of previous employers, phone numbers and names for managers at previous employers, and salary history.


Read and follow instructions carefully. Incomplete applications may not be accepted. Accuracy counts too.


Submit materials electronically. Most materials are required to be submitted in electronic format, either via online forms or via email. Please ensure materials are being sent to the correct address. When you click to submit an online application, the action is the same as signing a paper application. The named applicant has verified and assumes responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.


Answer all questions. If you can't fill in a blank because you don't have any information to give, put a dash or "N/A" (for "not applicable") in the space.


Review your application before you push the "Submit" button. That way you may avoid the most common mistakes:

  • misspelled words
  • not submitting all required materials appropriately
  • incomplete information
  • questions left unanswered
  • an incomplete work history
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Print application materials before you submit them. They'll help if originals are not received by Human Resources.


Arrive early and dress appropriately. If you are offered the chance to interview, arrive early, find your interview room, get checked in and prepare yourself for an uninterrupted meeting. Make sure you dress appropriately. Not all positions may require you to wear a suit, but it is important to dress in clean, neat clothes no matter the position for which you are being considered.


Smile. If you are brought in to interview, smiling can be just as relaxing for the interview panel as it is for you. It also demonstrates enthusiasm for the position for which you're interviewing.

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