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February 26, 2017

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Collections = Quality


We promised to provide a robust collection of books and materials.


2015 Accomplishments:


  • Increased variety and depth of the physical collection by adding more than 41,500 new titles of print books, audiobooks, DVDs and CDs
  • Added nearly 33,000 new e-book and e-audiobook titles
  • Bought 36,700+ more copies of popular materials to shorten wait times
  • Digitized 5,350 Seattle Collection items to provide greater access to the city's history
  • Launched Self-E, a self-publishing platform for local e-book writers


2015 Spending: $2.5 million


Libraries for All : Investing in Experiences
122% increase in digital circulation since 2012. "My library card is the most important card in my wallet. I am very grateful for all the services the library provides, especially the ability to download e-books." - Library patron survey comment