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December 18, 2014

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Library closed Dec. 24 and 25

All locations of The Seattle Public Library and the book drops at the Central Library will be closed on Christmas Eve, Wednesday, Dec. 24 and Christmas Day Thursday, Dec. 25.

About The Friends of The Seattle Public Library

The Friends of The Seattle Public Library is a non-profit, grassroots membership group dedicated to promoting Seattle's library system, which is an essential institution of our community. Our volunteer members advocate, educate, and raise funds on behalf of the Library, its patrons, and the larger Seattle community. The Friends raise funds to be used by The Seattle Public Library for activities not ordinarily covered under the Library's operating budget since ongoing Library operations are paid for by city of Seattle tax dollars and are the responsibility of our city government. The Friends currently have about 13,000 members.

The Friends serve the wider community through our spring and fall Book Sales(Opens a new window) at Warren G. Magnuson Park in northeast Seattle. For information on how to donate books, click here(Opens a new window).

The Friends operate a well-stocked FriendShop(Opens a new window) in Seattle's spectacular downtown Central Library.

For more information about the Friends of The Seattle Public Library, please visit their website at The Seattle Public Library is not responsible for the content of, exercises no control over, and is not responsible for the views that may be expressed on the Friends website.

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