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2010 Budget

2010 Mid-Year Reductions

Due to the persistence of the economic downturn, the budgets of most city departments have been reduced to address a projected $11.7 million revenue shortfall in 2010.


The Library's 2010 budget will be cut by $1.17 million (2.4 percent), $304,000 less than originally proposed. The savings will be achieved by:


  • Reducing the budget to buy books and materials
  • Eliminating paper notices
  • Deferring some information technology maintenance
  • Reducing staff in collection services, facilities, human resources, information technology and public services


With the mid-year cuts, the city is now forecasting a $50 million shortfall for 2011, which will require further reductions. Like most departments, the Library's cut next year could range from a low of 9.5 percent ($4.9 million), to a high of 14.5 percent ($7.4 million).


The Library has submitted a confidential budget proposal to the city. Mayor Mike McGinn will announce his proposed 2011-2012 budget Sept. 27.


2010 Approved Budget

On Sept. 25, 2009, then-Mayor Greg Nickels announced his proposed 2010 budget, which included cuts to many city departments due to the continued economic downturn. The Library was asked to identify approximately $2.6 million in cuts.


On Nov. 23, 2009, the City Council added $860,000 back to the Library budget when it passed the city budget. While the restoration of some funds was good news, the Library's 2010 budget still was cut by $1.77 million.


That means the Library reduced hours(Opens a new window) overall, sustained more than $500,000 in cuts taken in 2009, and will close the entire system Aug. 30 - Sept. 6. Libraries will resume regular hours on Tuesday, Sept. 7, after the Labor Day holiday.


The Library's capital budget for major maintenance also was cut by 37 percent.


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